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-{{:​index_thumbs/​tsp-2c-nwr2u-3d.png?​120 |}} [[tsp-2e-nwr2u/​|2-cell TSP solar power board, 2U NWR form factor]]+{{:​index_thumbs/​tsp-2c-nwr2u-3d.png?​120 |}} [[tsp-2c-nwr2u/​|2-cell TSP solar power board, 2U NWR form factor]]
-<wrap tag>​{{mdi>​lightbulb-on-outline}} Proposal/​Idea</​wrap>​ 
 <wrap tag>​{{mdi>​open-source-initiative}} OSS, OSHW</​wrap>​ <wrap tag>​{{mdi>​open-source-initiative}} OSS, OSHW</​wrap>​
 <wrap tag>​{{mdi>​school}} Research</​wrap>​ <wrap tag>​{{mdi>​school}} Research</​wrap>​
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