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 +{{index_thumbs/​thumbnail_wip.png?​120 |}}
 +[[bat-aa-nwr2u/​|Battery module/​power supply unit for 3 AA cells]]
 +<wrap tag>​{{mdi>​progress-check}} Prototype lab test</​wrap>​
 +<wrap tag>​{{mdi>​open-source-initiative}} OSS, OSHW</​wrap>​
 +Power supply unit designed to accomodate 3 AA (14500) primary or rechargeable cells in a 3S1P pack.
 +Wide input voltage range allows different cell chemistries to be used:
 +  * NiCd/NiMH 1.2V rechargeable batteries (3.6V pack voltage)
 +  * Alkaline 1.5V cells (4.5V pack voltage)
 +  * Lithium 1.5V cells (4.5V pack voltage)
 +  * LiSoCl2 3.6V cells (10.8V pack voltage)
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