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 |JTAG NRST|a10|b10|CAN 2.0b/CAN-FD CANH| |JTAG NRST|a10|b10|CAN 2.0b/CAN-FD CANH|
 |JTAG VCC|a11|b11|CAN 2.0b/CAN-FD CANL| |JTAG VCC|a11|b11|CAN 2.0b/CAN-FD CANL|
-|Time sync (1PPS)|a12|b12|RFU+|Time sync (1PPS)|a12|b12|(Reserved)
 |Time sync signal 1|a14|b14|**GND**| |Time sync signal 1|a14|b14|**GND**|
-|Time sync signal 2|a15|b15|RFU+|Time sync signal 2|a15|b15|(Reserved)
 |100Base-T1 TRX_P IN|a17|b17|100Base-T1 TRX_P OUT| |100Base-T1 TRX_P IN|a17|b17|100Base-T1 TRX_P OUT|
 |100Base-T1 TRX_M IN|a18|b18|100Base-T1 TRX_M OUT| |100Base-T1 TRX_M IN|a18|b18|100Base-T1 TRX_M OUT|
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