nwDaq-G201 is a miniature data logger / remote data acquisition system for CAN based sensors. It is mainly intended to be used as a low cost solution for simple and possibly disposable applications when the components can be damaged or lost.

It is housed in a waterproof polycarbonate enclosure with IP67 rating. Only a single 5pin M12 A-coded connector is protruding the case. The connector is pin-compatible with CANopen/DeviceNet cabling.

The DAQ is meant to be used with the plumCore framework.

Basic DAQ features include:

  • IP67 waterproof case
  • 14250 battery holder for LiSOCl2 3.6V primary mattery or a 3.7V 14250 LiIon rechargeable battery. Usage with a LiFePO4 3.2V rechargeable battery is also possible after a minor modification
  • optional solar energy harvesting when using rechargeable batteries. A small single-cell solar panel can be mounted behind a transparent PC enclosure cover
  • USB micro-B connector for accessing the system console and charging the battery
  • 433MHz radio transceiver with antenna
  • M12 connector providing 5V power and CAN bus signals for external sensors

The device can be directly mounted in a Gainta G201C polycarbonate enclosure with transparent lid.

Schematic and PCB layout (prototypes)

Layout - top silkscreen Layout - top layer Layout - bottom layer

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