Proposal/Idea OSS (Buildroot, Linux), OSHW

Octavo Systems OSD335x-SM based mainboard for the NW-R platform running GNU/Linux for more computationally intensive DAQ applications.

Work in progress as of 2019-12.


0.1.0 Roadmap

- [x] Front panel USB-C connector
- [x] TUSB320 USB-C controller
- [x] 5V USB-C power source
- [x] USB-C power sink for backplane power (min. 5V/1A)
- [x] USB-C data connection
- [ ] ATECC608A crypto authenticator
- [x] 256K I2C true EEPROM AT24CM02
- [x] Front panel micro SD slot
- [x] Internal micro SD slot
- [x] Front panel USB micro-B connector for serial console
- [x] I2C/SMBus hotplug controller TCA4311A
- [x] Ethernet phy with backplane connection KSZ8081RNBIA
- [x] CAN FD transceiver with backplane connection TCAN4550
- [x] OSD3358-SM 512M SiP
- [x] SPI NAND Flash W25N01GVZEIG / SPI NOR Flash W25Q128JVEIQ (same footprint)
- [x] nwr2u form factor
- [x] Front panel status LED (white)
- [x] Board status&debug LEDs
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