Proposal/Idea OSS (Buildroot, Linux), OSHW

Microchip SAMA5D27-SOM1 based main board for the NW-R platform

Current status

As of 2020-02, I am awaiting PCB prototypes. Module schematic for the 1.0.0 release is available for download below. Kicad source files (sch, board) are available too. Note they are all WIP and preliminary. Your experience while reading them may vary.

Downloads (sources, exports, pictures, firmware images)

release 1.0.0+20200110
KiCad project files (schematic, board layout)
Board files (Gerber exports)
Board files (PDF exports) board-front-placement.pdf board-back-placement.pdf board-front-copper.pdf board-back-copper.pdf
PDF export of the schematic sch-1.0.0_20200110.pdf
3D board renders
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