Proposal/Idea OSS (OpenWrt), OSHW

A Onion Omega2S module based board for connecting a NWR DAQ system to the Internet. There are several interfaces available:

  • internal single-chain 802.11b/g/n WiFi (SMA connector)
  • mini-PCIe slot (USB & PCIe, SIM socket) for 802.11 wireless card, cellular modem or LoRaWAN modem, etc (SMA connector hole reserved)
  • internal 2G/Edge (with SIM socket, SMA connector) or LTE (NB-IOT) modem

Omega2S module is OpenWrt compatible.

Current status

Prototype PCBs were manufactured at Aisler and obtained on 2020-02-17. One prototype was populated and tested.

Downloads (sources, exports, pictures, firmware images)

release 1.0.0+20200106
Pictures of prototype PCBs prototype-pcb-front-1.0.0.jpg prototype-pcb-back-1.0.0.jpg
3D render of the device
Pictures of the prototype deviceproto1-1.0.0.jpg
Schematic (PDF export)onion-inet-gw-nwr2u-sch-1.0.0.pdf
PCB exports onion-inet-gw-nwr2u-front-1.0.0.pdf onion-inet-gw-nwr2u-back-1.0.0.pdf onion-inet-gw-nwr2u-layout-1.0.0.pdf onion-inet-gw-nwr2u-values-1.0.0.pdf

Changelog, errata, roadmap

1.0.0 Errata

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