The board is a MPPT photovoltaic-input charger for a dual-cell Li-Ion/Li-Po battery pack. It has a single 10-24V PV input, a connection to the battery pack and a capability to provide 5V/4A power to a backplane bus. A STM32F3 MCU monitors the charger, battery and PV parameters and provides a dual CAN/SMBus interface on the NVR PCI-e x1 connector for a backplane connection.

Current status

2020-03-25 HASL prototype PCBs are manufactured. They are waiting to be populated and tested.

Downloads (sources, exports, pictures, firmware images)

release 0.1.0-20191209
Kicad 3D renders
Pictures of prototype PCBs tsp-2c-nwr2u-unpopulated-front-0.1.0.jpg tsp-2c-nwr2u-unpopulated-back-0.1.0.jpg
Kicad project files tsp-2c-nwr2u-kicad-proj-0.1.0.zip
PCB Gerber files tsp-2c-nwr2u-gerbers-0.1.0.zip
Schematics PDF export tsp-2c-nwr2u-sch-0.1.0.pdf
PCB layout exports tsp-2c-nwr2u-layout-0.1.0.pdf tsp-2c-nwr2u-values-front-0.1.0.pdf

Project log

0.1.0 Errata/bugs, feature requests, notes

0.1.0 Roadmap

- [x] PV input on a Molex MicroFit 2x2 pin connector with PV_P, PV_M, PV_DATA, RSVD
- [x] Molex MicroFit 2x3 pin battery connector with BAT_P2, BAT_P1, BAT_M, BAT_SGND, BAT_HEAT_P, BAT_NTC_P
- [ ] AC input barrel jack connector with 10-24V range
- [x] PV input overvoltage protection to 40V
- [x] PV input reverse polarity protection to -40V
- [x] PV input transient protection
- [x] PV input overcurrent protection
- [x] Battery input overvoltage and transient protection
- [x] Battery input overcurrent protection
- [x] Battery input protections should fail in a known manner
- [ ] AC input overvoltage, transient and reverse polarity protection
- [ ] AC input overcurrent protection
- [ ] AC input should fail in a known manner (in OV, OC, reverse polarity)
- [x] SMBus/I2C interface on the NWR PCI-e 1x connector
- [x] CAN interface on the NWR PCI-e 1x connector
- [ ] Multi color/RGB status led on front panel
- [x] 5V/4A backplane power output
- [ ] AC input disconnects PV input
- [x] 3V3 power supply
- [x] Battery heater power supply
- [x] Battery temperature sensor
- [x] PV input DATA port (LIN)
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