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 ^release 0.1.0-20191209 ^^ ^release 0.1.0-20191209 ^^
-|Pictures of prototype PCBs |{{prototype-pcb-front-1.0.0.jpg?​200}}{{prototype-pcb-back-1.0.0.jpg?​200}} |+|Kicad 3D renders |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-3d-front-0.1.0.png?​200|}}| 
 +|Pictures of prototype PCBs |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-unpopulated-front-0.1.0.jpg?​200}} {{tsp-2c-nwr2u-unpopulated-back-0.1.0.jpg?200}}| 
 +|Kicad project files |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-kicad-proj-0.1.0.zip}} | 
 +|PCB Gerber files |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-gerbers-0.1.0.zip}} | 
 +|Schematics PDF export |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-sch-0.1.0.pdf}} | 
 +|PCB layout exports |{{tsp-2c-nwr2u-layout-0.1.0.pdf}} {{tsp-2c-nwr2u-values-front-0.1.0.pdf}} |
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