As the old uBLoad was abandoned, this page started to document the new 2.0.0 uBLoad. It is still WIP.

uBLoad is a (slightly) more secure bootloader for STM32 family of microcontrollers. It was originally designed to work with the uMeshFw firmware (now called plumCore framework). It provides the following features:

  • python kconfiglib is used to configure the build, scons is used to build it
  • plumCore components are re-used extensively
  • chibiOS/nil is used to provide RTOS features while maintaining small code footprint
  • it resides in the first few sectors of the internal flash memory
  • raw image booting is supported. If enabled, the user firmware may be flashed nearly anywhere in the flash memory (on the sector boundary) and the bootloader tries to find it and run it
  • ubload firmware booting is supported (including SemVer compatibility checking, integrity checking, code authentication, etc.)
  • firmware loading into the system SRAM memory is supported for microcontrollers with large SRAM.
  • flash partitioning support
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