My homeΒΆ


Migration of pages from the old location and others is ongoing. Old links should still work though. This is a semi-permanent state.

This page is dedicated to me. Almost purely. It is never completed, it is always being redone. It aims to be simple and concise enough for a common Internet passer-by. I think I fail at this point.

It lists some of my projects, both done for $work and for my pleasure or to solve my personal needs and problems. At $work, I do embedded linux, hardware design, C, a bit of python, a bit of networks, remote DAQ, data processing and data storage. Hence I decided to make my work life easier and I started to do DAQ products with a common form factor. Specification of the platform is freely available together with design files and firmware files for most of the boards. Some unrelated stuff is added too.

In my free time I am building an off-grid passive house for my family. It is an ongoing project. You can browse the left menu to find some useful info, sparse documentation, some pictures.

When I am overthinking things a bit too much, I write blogs. You can check the blog section, there are none so far (2021-01). Sometimes an idea appears, maybe it is worth of sharing. It grows into a concept. There is a section for that.

When I do something hard to find on the Internet, I try to write a tutorial. There are some.

And in the future, I plan to graze sheep and bootstrap a permaculture community.

Oh, I forgot to add a quote. A personal page needs a quote.