Hardware and software projects

This page lists some of my personal, commercial and research projects. Most of the resources are available under permissive open-source licenses, including the hardware. Sources are available at https://github.com/iqyx.

If you happen to have any questions or seek additional information, contact me using qyx@krtko.org or qyx@freenode, qyx@leenode, qyx at libera.chat

Remote data acquision, NW-R platform series

NW-R is a platform enclosed in a minimised 2U subrack made of standard and readily available subrack components and extruded profiles containing a backplane and a couple of hot-pluggable cards performing various data acquisition and processing tasks.

Documentation of the platform itself, components designed and/or made by me and a roadmap of the project is available in a dedicated section The NW-R DAQ platform.

DAQ and sensors, other

The section Sensors lists some devices developed (mainly) for the purpose of structural health monitoring:

  • inclinometers using MEMS sensors, using CAN-FD or LoRaWAN to communicate

  • accelerometers for measuring fundamental frequencies of vibration of steel structures

  • planned: resistive strain gauge digitisers (CAN-FD, LoRaWAN)

Low power data acquisition, old NatWatch series

DAQ software

Gadgets, personal

Wireless networking, personal

RF amplifier for the 433MHz band

Amplifier and filter for amateur balloon telemetry reception

qNode5 - uMesh debug platform

uMeshFw compatible debug platform with a STM32F407 MCU, sub 1 GHz radio, gps receiver, LiPo accu and a large STN transflective LCD display.

Software, other

Software lists libraries and other software made available under permissive open-source licensies.

Hardware, other

Documentation backlog

Below is the list of projects partially done and waiting to be documented.

PEEP (Photo-Electronic Erosion Pin)

New implementation of an old concept to determine the amount of soil erosion using simple photoelectric sensors. Fully wireless with photovoltaic energy harvesting and a sub-1 Ghz radio.

GPS-synchronized VLF receiver

A receiver for the purpose of lightning detection and mapping. Project was started long time ago as a possible contribution to blitzortung.org, however it was abandoned later. There are plans to revive it with many improvements compared to the original design. 02/2018 - Part of the project is implemented with the kiwi-basic digitizer

Planned projects, roadmap

Snow pit profile measurement with capsensing

A vertical probe for measuring water content in a snow pit layers to assist with avalanche prediction.


nwDAQ-P-PV122 Dual 10 W MPPT power input


nwDAQ-P-PV122 is a dual 10 W MPPT photovoltaic power input for the nw-r platform. The two inputs are fully independent and comprise a LT3652 buck converter and a full power-OR output. MPPT is controlled by an embedded STM32G4 MCU communicating with other devices on the backplane using CAN/CAN-FD.


nwDAQ-P-LI160 60 Wh Li-Ion battery pack


nwDAQ-P-LI160 is a 3 module wide battery pack containing six 18650 Li-Ion cells together with a 20 W charger and a 20 W boost converter providing up to 4 A of 5 V backplane power. To enable charging at low temperatures, a battery pre-heater driver is included. Button on the front panel allows the user to check the battery state of charge using a LED bar-graph display.